How to order

Please make sure to read this page entirely before adding things to your cart/ordering so you can have a better understanding of how to order! There are examples of all the different necklace types below! Check out the “get inspired” button for inspo & for a better reference on the sizes of charms!

How to order

Step 1

Pick your base! Necklace, bracelet, or earrings.

Select Base


Step 2

Add a charm clip. This only applies to necklaces or bracelets and the charms will be placed on the clip unless otherwise specified. Make sure the necklace you pick is compatible with a charm clip, it is listed in the necklace description.

View Charm Clips

Step 3

Pick your charms! I recommend an odd number so there is a center point on the necklace. The largest charm looks best for the center of the necklace to keep it balanced. For earrings, make sure to add two charms to the cart. Unless they are labeled as earring charms then they will come as a set!

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Step 4

I will place the charms in what order I think is best unless otherwise specified. Leave a note at checkout under "Order Special Instructions" if you are wanting something specific or want a picture sent before shipping your item to you! If you are ordering more than one necklace, bracelet, or earrings please specify which charms go on which item. Leave your instagram handle if you want to be featured on our page! For bulk orders DM me on instagram or email!

Ex. “Send me a picture before shipping”

"I want the little flower on the link right next to the letter charm."

"I want the charms all close together, one link apart."

“I want the letter charm to be stacked on top of the heart charm on the same jump ring.”

“I want them to be in this order right to left.”

Get Inspired
  • Regular Charm Necklace

    Charms are attached to the chain and secured in place and cannot be removed.

  • Toggle Clasp Necklace

    Charms are placed on the toggle clasp and are secured in place and cannot be removed.

  • Charm Clip Necklace

    Add a charm clip to any compatible necklace and charms will be placed on the charm clip. It can be opened so charms can come on and off.

  • Slider necklace

    A slider necklace is a thin chain so charms can slide directly onto the necklace & hang all together at the bottom. Charms can come on and off


What’s the difference between a regular charm necklace, a charm clip necklace, a toggle clasp necklace, and a slider necklace?

A regular charm necklace the charms are placed directly on the chain and are fixed in place! 

A charm clip necklace is when you add a charm clip to any necklace and the charms are placed on the clip so you can take them on and off and switch them out with new charms whenever you want. 

A toggle clasp necklaces has the same look as a charm clip necklace but the charms are fixed in place on the toggle clasp and cannot be taken on and off! 

A slider necklace is a thin chain so the charms can slide on and off and will hang all together at the bottom of the necklace. They can be slid on and off so you can change the charms whenever you want.

See photos on the home page for examples of the four.

Are charms removable? Can I buy one necklace and switch out the charms on it? 

Charms are only removable if you add a charm clip. The charm clip can open and close so you can slide on and off new charms! Any charms placed directly on the chain or on a toggle claps are fixed in place and cannot be easily taken on and off. 

All earrings are able to have the charms changed in and out as well. 

Can I buy charms only? 

Yes! You can buy charms to add to a previously bought charm clip necklace or earrings. All charms come with a jump ring on them that will slide off and on any charm clip from me and any earrings from me. 

What bracelet size should I choose? 

Which bracelet size you choose depends on the size of your wrist & personal preference of how you want it to fit! If you are unsure of which size to get you can measure your wrist with a piece  of string or flexible measure tape. 

  1. Wrap a string around your wrist, make it as loose or snug as you’d like the bracelet to fit.
  2. Lay the string on a ruler to measure what size would be best.
  3. When in doubt size up and you can always clip the bracelet tighter.
  4. OR if you already have a bracelet that fits perfectly, measure the length including the clasp. 

How do I care for my jewelry? 

Avoid getting wet, remove before swimming or showering. Moisture is the main factor that speeds up the tarnishing process. 

Avoid direct contact with perfumes, lotions, or any harsh chemicals. This can leave a film on the jewelry making it look dull / dingy. 

Remove jewelry when active. 

Remove jewelry before bed. 

Clean and polish with soft cloth.

Store in a bag in a cool, dry place separate from other jewelry. 

Is the jewelry tarnish resistant/water resistant? 

'Waterproof' jewelry is made from a base metal of stainless steel and is gold plated using a specific process called PVD coating. This process makes the jewelry more durable when in regular contact with water. However, it does not mean that the gold plating will not fade over time, it just takes much longer to fade than the average electroplated jewelry.

The only truly waterproof jewelry is solid gold, which is expensive. Gold PVD plated or gold-filled jewelry is an affordable alternative.

If you are wanting ‘waterproof’ charms choose from the stainless steel/gold filled charms. Charms & chains that are stainless steel, PVD plated stainless steel, or gold filled materials can last many years with the proper care. 

Gold plated, enamel, alloy, and resin charms do have the potential to tarnish over time but you can prolong the longevity of them by following the charm care instructions.

Can I return or exchange my order?

All sales are final. Make sure to be very descriptive in the text box at checkout if you are wanting your necklace laid out a certain way. I want to ensure you are happy with your piece.

If you do have any concerns please email 

How long will it take for my order to get to me?

Each piece is made to order and handmade by me so please allow 2-5 business days for creation, plus shipping time depending on your chosen rate. I make every effort to get your jewelry made and to you as quickly as possible! 

Contact me with any questions